Team activities / collaboration tools

  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Work planning for efficient teamwork
  • Feedback gathering
  • Collaboration in Remote Settings
  • Backlog for designers
  • PI planning

Workshop facilitation.

  • To carry out a workshop effectively I clearly state the goals and objectives of the workshop.
  • In step 1 I explain the specific design challenges, research questions, or decision-making processes that the workshops aimed to address.
  • I seek clarification of different areas from project stakeholders and explain insights in a clear way before we begin
  • I explain the process, introduce facilitators if more than one and set time limits
  • I ensure that all relevant perspectives were represented and encouraged active participation from individuals with different roles and expertise. I use strategies to address potential conflicts and power dynamics
  • I decide on tools. If this is a remote setting, I used Miro and Figjam to facilitate collaboration.
  • Workshop outcomes are shared post-workshop in a clear way, verbally & via email, or gathered in a slide deck.
  • I’m continuously working on improving my facilitation and workshop design skills

Example 1

Example 2



    As the team worked through problems, many ideas were not folded in, because of different technical constraints. I encouraged designers to document them and offer to look through those iteams with product stakeholders during PI planning.

    Bridging knowledge gaps.
    I helped designers use the analytics tools required to understand data and formulate hypotheses on pain points, and propose solutions based on those valuable insights.
    To accomplish that I created a Miro board that outlined the purpose of analytics, how to access them, help with training, and finally use the tools themselves.

      Work planning and deliverables preparation.

        I organized the processes for the team to efficiently, gather feedback from in-store visits/observations. The insights served as a base for journey mapping in the end.

        PI planning facilitation.
        As a Trail Lead I helped designers to get familiar with features, understand the requirements, collaborate with other disciplines and teams on delivery timelines, and get feedback on future improvements to the process.