Revolutionizing Laundry:
B2B product for laundry pickup scheduling and management.

Happy Nest is an innovative startup that offers a unique Saas business model, connecting laundromat owners with a comprehensive package of software, marketing support, and expert business advice.
Through this model, laundromat owners gain access to a customized, branded website with a convenient scheduling feature, as well as customer account management tools that allow users to easily schedule regular or one-time laundry pickups. By leveraging Happy Nest’s platform, laundromat owners can streamline their operations, boost customer satisfaction, and achieve sustained growth in a highly competitive market.
This energetic start-up was in need of creative and UX/UI services to get started and gain additional funding.

My role

In this role, I wore many creative hats. From branding & marketing objectives to business pitch documentation to UX strategy and UX/UI design. I collaborated with the IT team and business stakeholders to gather insights and refine goals.

Marketing website

Happy Nest needed a website template to demonstrate to business owners its potential. I selected a responsive, easy to work with bootstrap framework to develop a template for the Happy Nest website. This template was easy to adopt for any franchise company that would like to purchase the HappyNest business model.

Additionally, I designed and developed a set of email notifications that would be tied to various points in customer experience – from scheduling to states of laundry processing to a drop-off at a customer’s house.

Scheduling flow

Together with business stakeholders, we conducted research on customers’ preferences for laundry, pickup times, and communication preferences. Based on that, I designed and developed an easy and attractive scheduling flow.

Low fidelity concepts:

High-fidelity screens:

Customer account

After a user completes the initial selection of laundry preferences and schedules a first pickup, they would be redirected to their account, where the status and progress of their laundry are most prominently displayed. The user is able to check at any time if their laundry is on the way to being dropped off.

Laundry progress

Investor presentation – business pitch

The startup was working on an additional round of funding. We developed a visual business pitch to support the commentary and present the vision and the numbers in a compelling way.

Marketing and branding

HappyNest needed creative support to invite customers. I supported this effort by developing a suite of icons, collateral, flyers, and even onesies to invite new moms to try HappyNest services.