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Hi! I’m Anna

I‘m a UX Designer with over fifteen years of experience conceptualizing and crafting digital products, helping companies to meet their business goals and build customer loyalty by designing a solid user experience. 

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UX Menu

  • Design strategy

    Design strategy defines who your target audience is, what they need, and how you can create value for them, by connecting business goals with design thinking. It ensures success by setting direction, helping prioritize and is cost-effective. 

  • User research and testing

    Sometimes the biggest challenge is to ensure that the right problems are being solved. That means a thorough research: discovering, exploring and listening to people before and during the process of product development.

  • UX design

    Clarity of message, interaction in design and establishing clear hierarchies of information creates experiences that are meaningful to users. Removing complexity & ambiguity and creating purposeful interactions creates clear, transparent and pleasant to use experiences that establish trust and loyalty in  customers.

  • Visual design

    Visual design that is friendly, reduces distractions helps convey meaning and purpose, with accessibility in mind, is something I strive for.

  • Design systems

    I’ve helped establish and led creation of systems various companies and projects. Created libraries to establish consistent use of visual components that are following design principles coded in a reusable, accessible way.

  • Design leadership and project management

    I lead projects and teams to a shared vision of success. By facilitating conversations, providing tools for collaborative discovery and alignment on design/development direction I encourage stakeholders to move toward a common goal.