• CVS Health

    Enhancing patient’s pre-registration
    for improved CVS Health MinuteClinic patient’s experience

    The design process for developing a platform enabling patients to pre-register from personal devices aimed to ensure a seamless visit to MinuteClinic. Collaborating closely with various stakeholders, we collectively crafted an experience that prioritizes empathy for the millions of individuals relying on MinuteClinic’s medical services.

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  • Embrace Home Loans

    Applying for a home loan – transforming frustration into efficiency

    As a UX/UI designer, I took charge of the redesign of the online mortgage application for Embrace Home Loans. My primary objective was to streamline the loan initiation process for both home buyers and loan officers. To achieve this, I focused on enhancing the user experience and increasing online conversions. The end result was an 80% increase in online user engagement and overall satisfaction.

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  • Happy Nest

    Revolutionizing Laundry:
    B2B product for laundry pickups scheduling and management.

    As the lead UX/UI designer and a Chief Creative Officer at Happy Nest, a startup that connects laundromat owners with a new Saas business model, I took charge of the UX/UI design of various platforms. This included designing the marketing website, scheduling application, and customer account. Additionally, I played a key role in developing the business pitch documents and branding.

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