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Embrace Home Loans


UX and UI design

Embrace Home Loans is a mortgage lender. Hundreds of Loan officers used a legacy application to collect data necessary to process a loan.

Legacy application that was not utilized properly by the Loan officers which slowed down their work. It was necessary to spend time with the client on the phone to collect data because users were confused. Legacy application was not user friendly or attractive enough to market it and add to the website.

The application needed to be turned into a loan initiating digital tool that would be happily used but Loan officers and homeowners alike.

I started with research: collected evidence and artifacts, I shadowed Loan officers performing their work and witnessed the cumbersome experience this application delivered for both end users.

I created functional personas and formulated goals. I followed with stakeholders interviews and wrote a comprehensive report.

Next I created a set of wireframes, tested them and then created a working prototype in html which was tested multiple times by a set of users. I worked with the technical team to ensure that the application meets the standards of required security levels.

The application has made the life of Loan officers much easier and they use it with success. The application is no longer hidden but used as a digital mortgage application for future home owners that is featured on the website.

The digitally initiated conversion rate rose 80%.